Baby Sleep Guide App

Baby Sleep Guide App

The award-winning Baby Sleep Guide is backed by expert sleep consultants to deliver essential advice and support to parents. Designed for  iPhone® and iPad®, Baby Sleep Guide is a FREE product for parents working towards having their child sleep through the night and has transformed bedtime routines for thousands of parents around the globe!

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**Gold Winner ** Best App for Children, 2016

Making a Difference Award, People’s Choice – Nominee 2016

Digital Innovation Award, Ausmumpreneurs – Finalist 2016

Baby Sleep Guide App
Baby Sleep Guide App
Baby Sleep Guide App

Key features of the Baby Sleep Guide App:

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Sleep Foundations

  • Correct room temperature
  • Correct bedding
  • Importance of white noise
  • How to spot tired signs
  • How daytime naps affect nighttime sleep
  • How to communicate with your baby
  • Nutrition advice
  • Stages of sleep
Baby Sleep Routines 4 month sleep regression

Sleep Solutions

  • 0–6 Months
  • 6–12 Months
  • 12–36 Months
  • Detailed daily routines for all ages and sleep requirements
  • Extensive troubleshooting on nighttime waking problems and how to solve them
  • How much sleep a baby needs
  • Comforting products- what works?
  • Detailed awake times for all ages
  • Cat napping- how to stop it?
  • Bedtime settling techniques
Baby Sleep Guide out and about

Out and About

  • What to do when out for dinner at a restaurant
  • What to do when travelling
Baby Sleep Guide App

Useful Links

  • Latest products for babies and parents
  • SIDS information
  • Products we love

Once parents implement the advice in the Baby Sleep Guide app, they will be able to check in as often as needed when future sleep regressions arise or for growing routine information on when baby is ready to drop a nap. This app is ideal for parents with children aged between 0-36 months.

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