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Science proves that a consistent bedtime routine can enhance sleep

Our bodies THRIVE on consistency.

Our biological rhythms control our hormones, neurotransmitters, and organ functions...

The more consistency we have with our routines, the better suited our systems will be to keep us fit and healthy.

To demonstrate this, researchers at the University of Munich analysed the sleep habits of more th...Read more

// WELCOME // Baby Sleep Guide – Jessie Stott

I thought it was about time I introduce myself and step out from behind the 'baby on the cloud'.

Hi my name is Jessie, I am the founder of the Award Winning Baby Sleep Guide App and Consulting service. I am an internationally recognised Holistic Sleep Consultant located in Australia.

I am a wife of a  FIFO worker and mother of 2. Aside from my offical study I also...Read more

I don’t work, I just help people get more sleep // a day in the life

People often ask “so what do you do for work”?

My reply… “I help people sleep”. You would assume I'd reply with my job title of a ‘sleep consultant’ but using a title would imply that I work. The truth is I don’t work. Hold up… you are running a business?! Yes it may look a lot like work, I book consultations, send emails, write sleep plans and sp...Read more

What is sleep? and Why is sleep so important anyway??

It would seem that in the hustle and bustle of our modern lives we have forgotten the lost art of sleep or at the very least it ranks low on our daily list of priorities. Everything we do in our western culture seems to take priority over sleep. Hands up...Read more

5 unexpected reasons why your baby doesn’t sleep.


A baby spends between 14-19 hours sleeping each day. But this is nothing new, by now you know that sleep is important. We purchase the best cot and mattress we can afford, cover it top to toe in matching linen and decorate the nursery to rival even the most popular pins on Pinterest.

We have read all that we can on sleep and baby settling only to find that our precious little bambino is still awake and c...Read more

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