Skype Consultation


Skype Consultation


Suitable for newborn to 12 years

  • Full assessment of your child’s background
  • A 1.5 hour Skype consultation to discuss background, recommendations and solutions as well as answer any questions you may have.
  • A personalised holistic sleep plan written for your child.
  • FREE Sleep Foundations Check List
  • 2 weeks of follow up support
  • Money back guarantee*

About This Package
Is your baby having trouble going to sleep? Staying asleep? Or cat napping? Is your older child refusing naps? Bedtime is chaos? Mood swings during the day? Are you sleep deprived, exhausted and overwhelmed, but not sure where to begin?

Our Personalised Sleep Guidance consultation package will take an in depth look your child’s life and routine. We will listen to your concerns, address any questions you have and we’ll provide some great tips.

We will check in with you and offer a supportive, listening ear with sound follow-up advice. We guarantee you will be having peaceful night’s sleep in no time and will feel empowered to continue on your parenting journey long after our initial contact.


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