Quick Fix Consult

Quick Fix Consult

Quick Fix Consult


Phone consult includes

  • 45 minute phone consultation to chat about your baby or child’s sleep
  • Instant advice, recommendations and support during the call
  • Suitable for all parenting styles
  • All ages

About This Consultation
Our ‘quick fix’ consult offers one on one advice and support from an expert sleep consultant. After providing details about your baby or child’s sleep, you will be given instant recommendations of what to do to achieve healthy sleep.

This is perfect for a baby/child who was previously sleeping really well but all of sudden has hit a little road block. Or perhaps due to an up coming event you cannot commit to a full consultation but you just need something to get you through.

Gentle parents // wanting to know what you can do to nurture healthy sleep for your baby/child whilst maintaining a demand feeding, co-sleeping/bed sharing environment? Just have questions about developmentally age appropriate sleep totals or when you should be concerned about sleep? Or maybe you just want reassurance that what your doing is good and a listening ear to understand. This is for you.



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