Leo’s Story – “Mr Unpredictable”

My 17 month old son Leo had a basic routine in place but was constantly waking in the middle of the night for anywhere between 30min-3 hours. His day sleep would begin somewhere between 12:30-1:30pm and would range from 40min to 3 hours. This inconsistent pattern also effected his 7pm bedtime and some nights he would not settle until 9-10pm.

After contacting Baby Sleep Guide consulting I soon found the answers to Leo’s night waking… It was actually his day sleep interrupting his night sleep. I followed the advice in the personalised sleep plan and put Leo to sleep at 12:30pm everyday and woke him after 1.5 hours. I then found it easier to put him down at 7pm as he was well and truly ready for bed. After day 1 of following the new routine Leo slept fully through the night and now continues to do so.

Not only did this easy fix solve the prolonged night waking but also the 40min cat nap. Correct allocation of day/night sleep and consistency was the key to Leo’s success.

Mia – The Co- Sleeper

Hi I just wanted to share our progress with our 16 month old, Mia. Before I started to follow the routine from the Baby Sleep Guide consulting, Mia had a basic routine and was co sleeping for about 8 months and waking three to four times a night.

As a fifo family it was just easier for me to have Mia sleep in my bed. I had tried and tried to change our routine and failed so many times. It took me a week to develop this new routine and we now have a baby who goes down at 7pm in her cot and waves good night to us and is happy about it! I felt so comfortable with this approach as it was gentle, very easy to follow and the results were fast.

Throughout the transition from co sleeping to her cot, I felt Mia was soothed and relaxed knowing that I was there for her even though I wasn’t sleeping next to her. Explaining and teaching Mia about bedtime was the best advice.

This whole experience has been the best thing for our family and I feel so much more in control as a parent and Mia is much happier and rested.

Thank you so much for your advice and tips, and also for reiterating the fact that babies understand so much more then we sometimes think.

Sailor S – Early Riser

After more than a year of early mornings with my baby girl. I finally gave up and thought she was just an early riser! Some days would start anywhere between 5/6am. I decided to have one last shot and contact Baby Sleep Guide consulting. My mind starting ticking from there. My baby wasn’t an early riser there were underlying issues that had to be resolved and she had to be trained to sleep until 7am. With a few simple changes suggested from my sleep consultant my baby girl now wakes at 7am or I have to wake her up! Thank you again for your ongoing support and reassuring me every step of the way!

Cadence – Night Waking

When we initially engaged with baby sleep guide, my daughter was waking every 45 minutes or more and my family and I were in dire need of quality support. We found this with Baby Sleep Guide. Jessie was amazing with her constant reassurance, contact and personalised approach to ensure we felt supported in every aspect of our journey.

When our initial sleep retweaks didn’t quite come off the way we expected, Jessie was great in exploring the reason behind this – without placing blame or judgement on our efforts. With Jessie’s support, we were able to eliminate possible medical causes for Cadences night-waking and unsettled behaviour and come up with tailored solutions. Employing support for your baby’s heslth (including sleep) is a daunting yet sacred prospect and the fears that we had were eliminated very quickly through the consistent and gentle support we received.

I felt safe in this process and I feel strongly that this should be a requirement in accessing ANY support service. Jessie really honoured our experience, parenting styles and family values. As a mother herself, she was able to offer anecdotal experience which was both comforting and informative. I would not hesitate in recommending baby sleep guide to not only acquaintances and strangers, but also to my nearest and dearest. I have learnt a lot and feel this will support me on my parenting journey – now and into the future. Thanks Jessie!

Koko – Routine Support

I am so thrilled to have met you as you have helped so much with all our family getting more sleep. We love that you have a wholistic approach to sleep including, food, play, temperature, environment as well as putting positive communication forward for us to use. Your method has worked so well, Koko is now sleeping through the night, most nights. I have and will continue to recommend your service to other families struggling to get enough sleep. Thank you from all of us.

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