// WELCOME // Baby Sleep Guide – Jessie Stott

I thought it was about time I introduce myself and step out from behind the ‘baby on the cloud’.

Hi my name is Jessie, I am the founder of the Award Winning Baby Sleep Guide App and Consulting service. I am an internationally recognised Holistic Sleep Consultant located in Australia.

I am a wife of a ¬†FIFO worker¬†and mother of 2. Aside from my offical study I also have a wide range of experience and understanding in all area’s of pregnancy, infant and toddler life.

My 2 toddlers are chalk and cheese. And between the two of them I have experienced:

* an easy pregnancy
* a complicated pregnancy
* extreme food intolerances
* 8 month food elimination
* speech delay
* recurrent tonsillitis and ear infections
* breastfeeding struggles and success
* night terrors
* on going medical checks on kidneys
* Low sleep requirement baby
* high sleep requirement baby
* lots of travel/flights

And the list could go on… You name it and I’ve probably experienced it. Thankfully with my knowledge I was still able to have 2 good sleepers despite all of the above.

I absolutely love what I do and I hope you enjoy being a fan of the Baby Sleep Guide Page.

Jessie Stott x

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